NEW LESSON: Using an ultrasonic bath

I have made available a new lesson for level two of the Watch Repair Course dealing with cleaning the watch parts in an ultrasonic bath.

This brings us up to 1 hour and 37 minutes of video content so far in Level 2 of this course. Next week we will take a look at the watch cleaning machine and it’s use and then we will head straight into lubrication and re-assembly.

c2.3.2 Using an ultrasonic bath

This lesson carries on the theme of cleaning watch movements by hand but with the addition of using an ultrasonic bath in order to further improve the cleanliness of your watch parts.

Previously we demonstrated the use of an air blower in order to agitate your cleaning solution whilst the parts soak. This lesson shows how you can use an ultrasonic machine to do the same, and arguably provide better results.

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