Building a watch around the Automatic Seagull ST1812 (2892)

Using the 2892 movement, lets put together a nice looking wristwatch using all parts sourced from eBay.

Parts used in this video:
Case Clamps:

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  • Hello! I’m looking to build a watch using this movement, but the link to the case you used isn’t working. I’m having trouble finding a case for this movement. Would a ETA-2824 or 2836 case work? I’m getting conflicting reports on this so I want to make sure I do this right!


  • Håkan Johansson

    Really enjoyed this video (as always)!

    “The dial is a little bit bland, there’s no markings on the dial at the moment. This is something we’re going to deal with in a future episode.”

    Well, just want to mention I can’t wait for the follow-up episode! Hoping it will be here soon!