Bonus Ep.3 Removing & Fitting Armoured Glasses

This video forms part of a series of bonus videos for those who have completed Level 1 of the watch repair course or those who support this project via Patreon.

In this episode we demonstrate how to remove and fit an Armoured watch glass.

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  • Hi Mark
    Followed your crystal replace instruction on a Seiko, absolutely brilliant and I used your syringe technique to remove the old one and it worked a treat.
    Many thanks.
    I need a bit of advice on a 5 jewel Lancashire Prescot pocket watch full hunter. It is my wifes grandfathers and he has left it to my nephew. It is well worn and the balance staff and top jewel is damaged so needs new parts. I’d like to get it going for him and was wondering where if anywhere I could get the necessary parts.
    Any advice would be gratefully received.