Bonus Ep.4 Fitting A Mineral Glass

Episode 4 of our bonus videos. This video explains the two most popular methods of fitting mineral watch glasses, either with adhesive, or by the use of a nylon glass gasket and a glass press. The video also explains how to select the correct size glass and gasket combination when replacing a watch mineral glass.

This is a bonus video for those who have completed Level 1 of the watch repair course, but if you are a Patron you can also view this video as one of your perks.

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  • Loved this video. I recently changed the crystal (glass) in my Citizen watch. It uses a gasket, but I reused the old gasket. Now I know to order some gaskets and replace it with a new one. I will be removing and replacing the crystal again with a new gasket. Thanks again for such an informative video on such a basic topic. Greatly appreciated.

    • A

      My Pleasure.
      The gaskets tend to get brittle with age and can sometimes develop hairline cracks.
      The end result of this would be water or moisture ingress which, of course, is bad!