Live Stream #1: 21st Jan 2020 – Seagull ST1903

Live Stream Archive #1: 21st Jan 2020 – Seagull ST1903 available for Patrons and Subscribers

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  • Interesting, I’m a patreon contributor, but still can’t view these videos. I clicked onto this site from my patreon account, but no go. Is this still a work in progress? Can’t the videos just appear as playable links from the patreon site itself? I’m not really interested in managing another account.

    I suppose some words on what I’m seeing would be useful. At the top of this web page, I see an asset in the form of a. 888x499px jpeg image from your video. This isn’t a hot link to start the video, it’s just an image. Below that, there’s a how to view this video link with a learn more button. This button takes one back to the patreon page where there are links to this page. Just for grins, I tried using both Firefox and Chrome to access these video links. No joy.

    • A

      As stated in the welcome email, you only need to click on the “Patrons & Subscribers” link in your account in order to sync your Patreon and my website. It just takes a millisecond to do and you only have to do it one time. In fact, I have logged in as you and done it for you – so now you can enjoy the content 🙂
      It is not possible for me to embed non-youtube videos in the Patreon feed as it stops those videos from being restricted to only those who are entitled to see them – hence the need for my own membership site. I apologise, but once you have saved your credentials surely it could not be that much of a bother?