Pt.1 Seiko 6139B Chronograph Restoration

In part 1 of this series we are stripping down and inspecting a rather used and abused Seiko Automatic Chronograph with the 6139B movement installed. This is an early access video for Patrons to enjoy but an edit will be made available on YouTube when the project is completed.

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  • Hi, Mark.

    I got an e-mail stating that I could access these videos but I can’t play any of the videos. I’m not a Patreon biut I havr completed lvl 3 of your course. How can I access these videos ?

  • Loved this Mark . You know I am a massive fan of Seiko and the 6139. Looks identical to the one I’ve been doing with the same wobbly balance wheel only I have no idea how to fix it. That tool you used was amazing .
    I’ve still so much to learn ! Hopefully you show a fix on this . Perhaps If the barrel bearing needs jeweling you could show how to do that .
    Good luck , parts are a pain 6119 has allot in common including the same balance wheel.
    I had to laugh when you removed the movement ring . Last time I did that both pushers flew out and it took a very long time to find them!
    You went on to say the spring was missing pmsl ?

  • This is the movement that i am using to learn chronographs (had a quick crack at the 7750 and was hopelessly out of my depth). I’ve serviced two of these now but i’m really interested to see the correct method of placing the chrono wheel between its “brakes” Always feel like i’m doing it wrong. Thanks for what you are doing, mate.

  • Where did the minute recording hand go ? Somebody must have removed in from the case previously (or did it fall out when you dropped the movement out)?

  • Always a pleasure to watch you work, Mark.