C4.4 The Chronograph Mechanism

The ability to record intervals of time independently of the running of a mechanical watch, is made possible with the inclusion of a chronograph complication. A chronograph complication allows the user to start and stop a sub train of wheels within a watch movement. It will record the elapsed time between the start and stop […]

NEW LESSON: Choosing Correct Lubricant

For our first lesson in chapter 4 of Level 2 we are going to take a look at choosing the correct lubricants for the different friction points in a basic mechanical watch. C2.4.1 Choosing Correct Lubricant This lesson discusses the different lubricants used for the various friction points you will need to oil or grease […]

NEW LESSON: Lubrication & Re-Assembly

We have started a new section in Level 2 of the Watch Repair Course. C2.4 Lubrication & Re-Assembly This lesson serves as an introduction to the Lubrication and Re-Assembly stage of performing a maintenance service to our basic mechanical watch movement. We discuss the importance of keeping your work environment clean and your tools clean […]

NEW LESSON: Using A Watch Cleaning Machine

This lesson is now available to those who are supporting the development of the watch repair course via Patreon or with a WatchRepairTalk.com membership plan, and will be released as part of the watch repair course Level 2 which is scheduled for August 2017. C2.3.3 The Watch Cleaning Machine This lesson discusses the different kinds […]

NEW LESSON: Using an ultrasonic bath

I have made available a new lesson for level two of the Watch Repair Course dealing with cleaning the watch parts in an ultrasonic bath. This brings us up to 1 hour and 37 minutes of video content so far in Level 2 of this course. Next week we will take a look at the […]

NEW LESSONS: Cleaning Watch Movement Parts

I have made available two new lessons for level two of the Watch Repair Course dealing cleaning the watch parts now that the watch movement is dissembled and all the parts inspected for wear and/or damage. The first is a general overview and the second goes into further detail regarding cleaning a watch movement by […]