A Beginner’s Guide to the Mechanics of Wrist and Pocket Watches – Including the History of Their Development and Some Famous Watch Makers



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This antiquarian volume contains a beginner’s guide to watches, being an accessible and simplified description of the mechanics of wrist and pocket watches with information on the history of their development. Written in clear, plain language and full of useful hints and clear explanations, this text is ideal for those with an interest in the workings of timepieces but who have little previous experience. The chapters of this book include: Mechanical Details of Watches — Divisions in the Watchmaking Trade — Watch Chain — Hair Spring — Ticks of a Watch — Watch Glasses — A Good Watchmaker — Swiss Watches — Watches Imported into England — Duties on Watches, etcetera. We are republishing this vintage book now in an affordable, modern edition complete with a new introduction on the history of clocks and watches.
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