Chime Clock Repair



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This 1990 classic hardcover book was revised seven years later as a second edition and is now in soft cover, workshop style binding. The book opens flat on the bench and is easy to use! The larger 8-1/2 x 11 page size is an improvement, too. The author has received favorable comments from repairers all over the country who have been rescued from difficult chime clock repair problems. They turned to the chapter on their clock and followed each illustrated step in the disassembly, repair, assembly and adjustment. Eighteen chime movements are covered, including Seth Thomas No. 124, 113, and Sonora Chime; New Haven; Sessions; Hermle; Ansonia; Winterhalder; Urgos; Jauch; Mauthe; Junghans; and more. The two lead-off chapters, Chime Basics and Common Repair Problems, are also indispensable. The novice clock repairer can move on to repair the clocks covered in the book; these are the clocks people actually have, not rare museum pieces. The professional will want to keep the book handy to use as a reference each time one of the movements comes in for repair and that’s often! The detailed drawings in this 126-page book are the author’s trademark. Chime Clock Repair has a table of contents and index.
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