Clock Repair Basics



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Clock Repair Basics is a clock repair course in itself. Start with letting down the mainspring power, then take apart a movement, clean it, and repair it! The basics on escapements, pendulums, bushing work and more are all in this book. You’ll have a glossary of clock terms, a lubrication guide, a beginner s guide to strike and chime mechanisms, a section on electric clocks, and a special chapter featuring five starter clocks: OG, American spring driven strike clock, cuckoo, 400-day, and modern Hermle chime clock. There are 92 pages of text, with index, and 158 photos and line drawings in this large 8-1/2 x 11 format. Experienced repairers will also find plenty of useful information in the book. Compare your methods to the ones described in the book, and use whatever helps you! Keep it right on the bench for the hard-to-remember mainspring length formula, the methods for determining beats per hour and pendulum length, and quick-reference adjustments for the major escapements.
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