Clock Repair Skills



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Clock Repair Skills is the sequel to the author’s book for beginners, Clock Repair Basics. The new book carries the reader through the next steps in becoming an expert clock repairer. Learn the intermediate skills that the beginner is often unable to do. Some examples of the skills covered in the book are repivoting, lantern pinion repair, gear tooth replacement, making bushings, making and repairing hands, recoil escapement repairs, and many more! The topics are presented as step-by-step, specific repairs. If you repair clocks, you will often find the task on hand covered in this book. Look at it another way: master all the procedures in Clock Repair Skills and you’ll be ready for just about any repair! The binding matches author Steven G. Conover’s other repair books. You ll have an easy-to-read, 8 1/2 x 11 size volume protected by clear plastic covers and spiral bound, to allow the pages to open flat on your bench. There are 12 chapters plus an index 92 pages packed with 225 photos and drawings!
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