How to Repair 20 American Clocks



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How To Repair 20 American Clocks is the author’s eighth book about clock repair and clockmaking, featuring a new approach: the whole clock is covered! Each chapter covers the assembly procedure for an American movement. And, depending on the particular clock being restored, chapters discuss one or more of the following: escapement, hands, dial, pendulum, and case. Each clock is scored for construction quality, ease of assembly, ease of adjustment, and timekeeping accuracy. There is also the author’s analysis of the highs and lows for each clock. You’ll find more: gear tooth counts for time and strike trains, beats per hour, and mainspring specifications. The author has included 18 striking clocks by the major U.S. makers, including Seth Thomas, Ansonia, New Haven, Ingraham, and others, plus two Poole electromechanical clocks. The American factories installed the featured movements in hundreds of different cases. The book illustrates case styles of the 19th and 20th centuries including OG, walnut shelf, steeple, cottage, black mantel, wall regulator, and more. The book is 8-1/2 x 11 in size and protected by clear plastic covers. It is comb bound to allow the pages to open flat on your bench. There are 20 chapters plus an introduction, table of contents, index and mainspring table & 140 pages packed with 246 photos and drawings!
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