My Clock Won?t Run 4th Ed: Step by Step. No Prior Experience Required



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Fifth printing..178 pages….My previous editions have been very popular. I have listened to all your comments and my clock class students comments and requests and this new version is three times as extensive, starting with the very basics going to a full-on repair. Mechanical clocks are now considered works of art, a part of history, a member of the family and they need love. Sooner or later, your treasured timepiece will stop. Your choice is to either live with it in silence or go to a hard to find repair shop, leave it for weeks and pay perhaps hundreds of dollars to get it back, hopefully working. The fact is, you can more than likely do the same thing they do your self. There are little-known items that stop a clock that you can easily do yourself for very little money. You can even oil your clock for just a few dollars’ worth of oil. You can service: Grandfather Clocks, Mantel Clocks, Wall Clocks, Kitchen Clocks, French Clocks, Cuckoo Clocks, etc. No expensive tools needed besides oil which I will tell you where to buy it very inexpensively. I will teach you how to service your own clock.
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