Is there a recommended toolkit available?

Level 1 does go into this in very clear detail, however, we’ve also put together a blog post which covers some of the essential ‘day 1’ tools you would be advised to have available when getting started with watch repair. You may find that you will always be looking to improve your tools collection over […]

Where can I purchase tools and watch parts?

We’ve put together a list of some of the more popular watch and clock tools and parts suppliers from various different regions. Please visit our Watch Parts & Tools Suppliers page for more information.

Is this a DVD course?

No, this is an online course. We have no plans to release the course on DVD at this time.

Can you teach on a particular movement?

There are simply too many movements manufactured over the years for me to demonstrate each one of them. Even if I could, I do not have a stock of all of them on hand. What we are teaching here are the practical steps in Watch repair which can universally be applied to any Watch movement […]