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Posted July 12th, 2021 on Level 3: Fault Finding
Another Fantastic Course
After going through Levels 1 & 2, which I will have to rewatch over and over again, I wasn't sure it could get much better. But, it has...just an enormous amount of information and knowledge imparted throughout the course. I am definitely ... [More...]


Posted June 20th, 2021 on Level 3: Fault Finding
Gets you past the service into the diagnostics
Lesson 3 will get you into troubleshooting and fault finding. Well done with lots of explanation and video along the way. compliments the previous 2 lessons very well.

John Bush

Posted June 18th, 2021 on Level 3: Fault Finding
Loved it. Very helpful.
Course was great, learned a few things I didn't already know. Would like to take more advanced courses, but I think it wants me to take the basic course--I've already passed levels 2 & 3 and would like to move forward without having to go ... [More...]

Lynn McCluskey

Posted June 10th, 2021 on Level 3: Fault Finding
watch repair frustration
Hey Mark, you make it look so easy. I keep breaking pivots and or jewels. I don't have the tools or experience to make or replace them. Do you have a video showing how to use a lathe to make a new pivot? Where to get materials? I don't have a lot of ... [More...]

J. Brad

Posted May 9th, 2021 on Level 3: Fault Finding
Great course! Can’t get enough.
I enjoyed this course tremendously. Mark is a natural teacher and his presentation is highly polished. I’ve watched the course lectures multiple times and look forward to Mark’s many you tube videos with deeper understanding.

Ricardo Da Silva

Posted April 5th, 2021 on Level 3: Fault Finding
Best online course
Nice to have an organised development program in place to get the basics right and to get the right tools at first. The course is great and Mark is the best teacher one could hold for. I’ve found the course very accessible for anyone even in terms ... [More...]


Posted March 16th, 2021 on Level 3: Fault Finding
In depth
Fantastic course really in depth. highly recommend. cant wait for level 4


Posted March 15th, 2021 on Level 3: Fault Finding
Great course on fault finding
In this course, Mark presents what appears to be a very sensible approach to fault finding, including a pre-service screening protocol. He does this in a clear and organized way, with the help of excellent video material, showing the smallest ... [More...]

Luke Fenech

Posted March 8th, 2021 on Level 3: Fault Finding
Wish there were more stars
I thoroughly enjoyed all 3 levels of this excellent course. I have only ever "dabbled"in watch repair and have no formal training but for years have wanted to extend my knowledge and gain some more understanding and confidence. This course is ... [More...]

H. Payne

Posted February 28th, 2021 on Level 3: Fault Finding
Keep this one in your back pocket!
I will need to review this course as a resource. So much great information that one session is not enough. I'll put it on loupe..haha.
26 reviews found for Level 3
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