Repairing a Breitling chronograph pusher.

The new Breitling pusher fitted to the movement and is a great fit.

Ref: O.Godfrey The original brass Breitling pusher was broken and missing. The challenge was to find a replacement. After searching, it proved very difficult to find a suitable replacement and so the decision was made to manufacture a new one.

Breitling Colt Oceane. The back is damaged!

Showing the holes drilled in the back.

I have seen a lot of things in my career as a watchmaker but I dont believe I have seen anything quite so reckless and stupid as this. Anybody who owns or wants to own one of these Breitlings will know how much they cost. This particular one which came in for a battery has […]

Breitling Watch Repair. Valjoux 7750.

Breitling watch repair. Valjoux 7750. This watch was recently serviced incorrectly. I found several issues and one glaringly obvious fault. First of all it was aparent that the balance wheel was not turning correctly (sort of sticky) – this is usually due to a bent pivot (quite unlikely with Incabloc settings), or lack of lubrication. […]

Servicing a Breitling Chronograph

Here we have a Breitling chronograph which was recently given for service. We like to fully strip the whole watch when servicing any watch and a chronograph is no exception. These are great watches to work on, well manufactured to an extremely high standard.