Repairing a Breitling chronograph pusher.

The new Breitling pusher fitted to the movement and is a great fit.

Ref: O.Godfrey The original brass Breitling pusher was broken and missing. The challenge was to find a replacement. After searching, it proved very difficult to find a suitable replacement and so the decision was made to manufacture a new one.

Breitling Repetition Minutes Circuit Damage

Ref: D.Pollitt After inspection this watch was found to be damaged by slight battery leakage. An attempt was made to clean the contacts but, regretfully, the circuit is a non-starter. The circuit/movement is restricted and cannot be sent to independant watch repairers and so this watch will need to be sent to Breitling. Macro shots […]

Vintage Breitling Pusher Repair

This Breitling had a broken pusher (for operating the chronograph). The old pusher screw broke off at the thread and was made of brass which is not an ideal material for a screw under so much pressure. The chronograph reset pusher screw is made of steel and so the brass screw is obviously a prior replacement […]

Tressa Spaceman watch service

This Tressa Spaceman cal.AS 5201, an automatic movement with calendar, has suffered water ingress. The moisture has caused damage to the winding (keyless) work which will now require replacement parts including clutch wheel, winding pinion, new stem. Once stripped down further moisture damage may be revealed, the calendar mechanism is of particular concern.   Pictures […]

Restoration of Tag Heuer Movement. Rusted solid. Valjoux 7730 7733

As you can see from the pictures, this one was rusted solid. I stripped the watch down and identified the required replacement parts. Extensive work was done to remove rust from the parts which could not be replaced. Once the work was complete the watch is keeping time to within 10 seconds per day.

Maurice Lacroix Watch Repair Services

Maurice Lacroix Dial

The first Maurice Lacroix model was launched in Austria, 1975 and sold mainly in the European market. In the 1980’s Maurice Lacroix launched  internationaly with their own distribution network in Britain, Netherlands and Switzerland, Far East and Middle East, and in the 1990’s launched into the USA.