The Watch Repair Course Level 1 is now live

It’s been a long old slog, but finally it’s launched – The Watch Repair Course: Level 1.

I started this project three years ago by uploading some watch movement strip down videos on my YouTube channel. They were received very well and the channel grew slowly over a period of time. The channel now has over 40,000 subscribers – but a common question I was asked a lot was “Why don’t you build a structured course?”.

Well – I decided to do it. It was not easy to fit the work in with my usual workload as a full time watch repairer but I chugged away at it and gradually it started to come together.

The quality of the videography greatly improved when I ditched my 720p compact camera and upgraded to a Canon SLR with a Macro Lens. This allowed me to make illustrations to the lessons with much more clarity.

I really do believe that the Watch Repair Course I have created is a unique product and I have not yet finished with it. Level 2 is well under way and will be released in August 2017, and I have plans to continue with a 3rd level to be launched in the winter.[x_button shape=”square” size=”regular” float=”none” block=”true” circle=”true” href=”” title=”Watch Repair Online Video Course” info=”none” info_place=”top” info_trigger=”hover”]FULL COURSE DETAILS[/x_button]

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