Restoring A 1940’s Heuer Triple Date Chronograph

Here we restore a very old vintage Heuer chronograph triple date mechanism with bent 4th wheel pivot, we make a new jumper spring and discus the awful condition of the dial. Sit back, relax and enjoy 🙂

This video forms part of my watch restoration series which compliments my watch repair course.

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  • Hi Mark
    Brilliant video and as it was in double speed made easier to watch as I do not get much time. I too was wondering if you clean the balance pivots separately. I am assuming you do. I copied your method of cleaning leaving the balance on the main plate with balance cock fixed in position. After cleaning – removing the balance cock and cleaning the balance jewels and pivots separately.
    Makes life easy.

  • This might just be my favorite video yet….. Love the triple date…. I have a Wakmann that I am yet to service.

    Amplitude of 306 on a 70 year old watch…. what a great result!

    Mark… do you clean the balance pivots separately? I know that when you put the parts through the machine you have the balance installed into the main plate but you usually leave in the insetting jewels. Do you then clean the balance pivots separately?


  • Chris Bannister

    Another fascinating and informative video, Mark. Thank you so very much for introducing me to this wonderful hobby. Now, I’m afraid, my eldest daughter is hooked as well. LOL