Sometimes removing a chronograph running hand seems to be almost impossible, especially with some Tag, Omega and Breitling watches. I may have stumbled upon a solution. The Horotec 05.120 (05.125) watch hand extration tool!

Also available as an ad-supported video on YouTube:

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  1. I can see the appeal of the version in the video you saw, where there is a little stage, and the tool is mounted vertically, fixed into position, so you just have to nudge the watch around a bit until it lines up under the pin.

    I think if I had that tool, I would use it to remove all watch hands, every time. I mean, why not? Seems like you’d still need the plastic sheet to cover the dial, though, to prevent scratches. Also, sometimes the hour hand is super close to the dial, and I’d worry that the tool wouldn’t fit properly under it.

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