Watch Dial Feet Repair Techniques

In this video I demonstrate three methods to repair broken watch dial feet. Dial stickers, pre-made dial feet and the use of a watch dial feet soldering machine. Let’s compare the results and see if we can determine the best solution.

Dial Soldering Machine on eBay:

Ad-Supported Version:

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  • Hi Mark, if the pre-made dial feet base would reach beneath the dial ( you almost had this problem with the Seiko), would you remove it with a file before attaching it to the dial? thanks and well done on this video.

  • Thanks for doing this interesting video. I have an old Tissot Seastar that I tried using sticky pads on, and after failing, tried gluing brass dial feet on, which also failed miserably so it’s been cast aside in the drawer. I had no idea there was a dial feet hand milling tool and look forward to giving that method a try. My previous attempts failed due to the dial being raised too high and not allowing the day wheel to remain engaged underneath.

    Incidentally, when I reached out to the WRT forum, one member sent me a link to instructions on how to build your own dial soldering machine for around £30 and it doesn’t look overly difficult, though I admit to having shied away from building one.

  • Richard Driscoll

    Three solutions to a problem – who knew? The epoxy method is really quite elegant when you think about it. As always, I’m impressed!