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Restoration – A 1970s Vintage Seiko Watch – 6139B Chronograph

Join me as I restore this very beaten up 1970s Seiko Chronograph watch. I started this project back in March and many obstacles stood in the way of it’s completion. This video documents part of that story. If you did watch the start of this project in a previous video of mine then you can continue from 24:44 – otherwise, please enjoy.

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  1. Thanks for sharing this! I’m new to watchmaking, and I found it extremely educational. I have a couple of questions:
    1. You referenced the “balance cock”, but since it’s held in place with two screws, wouldn’t it actually be called a “balance bridge” in this case?
    2. It would have been helpful to mention what kinds of lubrication was being applied as you applied it.
    3. What kind of glue were you using to affix the crown to the stem?
    4. I would have liked to see how you measured some of the parts, specifically around choosing the jewels that you added. How did you measure the hole size? How did you prepare the plate to receive the jewel? How is the jewel held into the plate?

    Again, thanks!

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