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Cheap Mainspring Winders – Are they any good? Full review and comparison with the Bergeon Winders

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  1. This is a really interesting video as I’m looking at purchasing a mainspring winder set. Accepting all of your comments on limitations of these sets, available budget does put me into the Chinese set market place.

    However, an additional problem which I am struggling with is the specific calibre sizing on these sets, I appreciate that the Bergeon product is generic size based with specific calibre accessories. I strip and rebuild up to a dozen watches a year so my usage of a set is extremely light. So, I have some questions. The generic Bergeon sizes are ideal for the amateur to save having a raft of of different calibre sizes. Is the Bergeon size the inside diameter of the barrel ? . . I have hunted with out success for the barrel diameters of the specific caliber sizes to help me to understand if a Chinese set can help me! . .