Watch Repair Tools You Need From Day 1

These are the 10 most useful tools you will need in your kit.There is the right tool for every job in all trades and this is especially true for watch repairing. No matter how many tools you have, there always seems to be something needed. I know many watch repairers, some with many, many years […]

Hebdomas 8 Day Pocket Watch – Damaged Mainspring Barrel

Ref: A.Venus There was two major issues and one minor one which I have resolved. First, a small section of maybe 8 teeth on the mainspring barrel was damaged. The only proper way for repair that would be to manufacture the whole barrel but there are two disadvantages to that. i) The character of the […]

Vintage Omega Repairs. Broken Mainspring.

Working on an old vintage Omega watch it was apparent that the mainspring needed to be replaced. In fact the old mainspring was not actually broken but very fatigued. It had several ‘kinks‘ in it which can affect the uniform transfer of power through the train of wheels. The best thing was to replace the […]