Removing The Balance & Motion Work

Removing a watch balance

This week I have made available two new lessons for the Watch Repair Course. The first details how to safely remove the watch balance and Incabloc shock settings, and the second details how to remove the Motion Work. These two lessons are a continuation of Level 2/1 Stripping A Movement Down, in the Watch Repair […]

Vintage Rolex Repair. Fitting a new balance staff video.

This video shows how I replaced a broken balance staff on this vintage Rolex watch. The old balance staff had a broken bottom pivot, preventing the watch from functioning. The watch was fully stripped, the repair carried out to the balance, and then cleaned and then re-assembled with correct lubrication. This video is hosted on […]

New balance staff, new Jewel and repair hairspring

This was a challenging, yet enjoyable project. As found in my previous post regarding this watch, the watch had a damaged balance staff, a broken jewel and the hairspring was quite out of shape. In fact – on further examination I found the balance staff was actually non-hardened and so the metal was very soft. […]

Poising a Balance and Positional Error

One of the important things to consider when regulating a watch is positional error. Positional error occurs on mechanical watches and can be caused by many factors. These factors could include a poorly sprung balance spring (out of true), a worn or bent balance staff pivot, not enough (or too much) oil on the balance […]