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Do you offer one-to-one mentoring?

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This is an online, self learning (or distance learning) video course and is not a one-to-one course and does not provide personal mentoring. If you have questions on the course lesson topics however, we are obviously happy to help (via this contact system).

Please don’t forget, we also have a peer to peer community help forum Watch Repair Talk where you can post questions, include photographs and get help. If you are new to watch repair we even have a safe zone for learners.

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  • Hello, I have been watching your courses and videos. They are very informative.
    I have watched your lesson about installing the balance wheel multiple times but can’t get the the small lug positioned correctly so that it operates the pallet fork.
    Any suggestions are much appreciated. thanks , mike
    PS: watch is an old Rodana movement that I got from a “free box” from a thrift store. Before I messed with it, it would run for a couple of minutes and then quit. It wasn’t very “gunky” inside but was very dry.

    • A

      It is possible to locate the lower balance pivot into its pivot-hole and loosely rest the balance cock on the manipulate without fully seating it. You can then gently turn the balance and lift it so the impulse jewel passes the pallet fork on the opposite side. With careful attention, this is a safe way to install the balance but be very careful not to allow the balance cock to fall away from the movement whilst you do this.

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