How can I obtain my Patron or WRT Subscriber discount?

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If you are a Patron or Subscriber then you are entitled to the total of however much you have paid monthly, to be offset against the cost of the course levels.

As an example, if you have paid $10 over 12 months, then you have $120 in credit to offset against the cost of the course levels. You can view your current assessed amount of discount on the Patrons and Subscribers page of your account.

If your account dashboard is not showing your discount available then check your Patrons and Subscribers page to make sure your account is synced with Patreon. If it is synced you should have an assessment automatically generated. If it is not then you will be presented with a form to fill in your email address which you used to register your account at Patreon. If this is the case, then enter your email address and submit the form so that the system can sync your accounts.

If you require any help then contact us with your account details.

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