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What tools do I need for level 1?

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Level 1 introduces you to all the basic tools needed and goes through the various components of the movement.

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  • Thanks Mark for Your reply. Exact what I wanted to know

  • Hi, I started the course with great joy last week.
    I have a question about de hand levers: which size hand levers do you recomend to start with.
    For instance i see that Bergeon has several sizes
    No 30020 can be obtained in 7 and 9 mm; 30019 = 2,5 mm;
    5431 in 3 and 4 mm

    • A

      It really depends on the size of the timepieces you intend to work with but for general usage I would recommend the 2.5mm and a larger (perhaps 6mm) set – this should cover your from small calibers and up to pocket watch sizes.

  • stephen barraclough

    where do i buy the correct tools

    • A

      Level 1 covers all the basic tools required in order to get started. You can source them from eBay, watch material dealers such as cousins and even Amazon.

      I have developed a list of suppliers here…

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