Which movement do you recommend to practice with?

For the duration of Level 2 and the latter part of Level 1, we use the Unitas 6498 movement for illustrating the points in the lessons.

This is technically a pocket watch movement and a very basic watch to get started with.

However, the Swiss model of this movement is actually quite expensive and so you may wish to consider purchasing the Chinese clone which is available from many places worldwide.

In the U.K. You may find the movement listed on the CousinsUK.com website under the code: CHI3620M

On eBay, search for Unitas 6498 clone or Seagull 3620


  1. If I already got the one with the code CHI3620M, will I have any trouble? Because in the website it says that that one is a replica of the 6497 not the 6498 and I just realised that now.

    1. It’s not a problem – there are minor differences but none that would prevent you from following along.

  2. In the lesson “c1.5.6 Identifying Watch Parts” it is mentioned that the practice movement is a “Chinese clone of the Unitas (ETA) 6497”. However as this help section states; the movement used in the video is indeed a clone of the Unitas (ETA) 6498. I’ve been able to establish this by comparing pictures of these two movements with the lesson video. However, I believe any of these two movements will be adequate as they look very similar.