Really interesting and learned a lot, but how do I get feed back

By Alexander
On February 21, 2022

Two weeks ago I started the course and i’m glued to my laptop every time I watch one of the course modules; its really great what you tell, explain and show.
It’s such a relief the way Mark explains and demonstrates all kinds of complicated things in quietude.
I have now successfully completed the first assessment

I’am now busy with Level 2, and will give feedback when passed it.
But I can already say that I already find it insanely fascinating.

Admin Response...

Hi Alexander,

Thank you for your lovely words.

with regard to "but how do I get feed back" - I assume you mean feed back regarding the Assessment. If so, it's quite simple to view your results, including correct and incorrect answers on the Statistics & Feedback page. There is a knowledgeable article written here to explain further.

If I have misunderstood and you are asking how to contact us for feedback or support, then this must be done via the "Get Help" link provided on your dashboard and also in Help link at the top of each and every page on this website (I noticed you left a comment on one of our very old posts requesting support - this is definitely not a great way to get help, however I have now located this comment and answered you).