Fantastic introduction to watch repair

By Andre Silveira
On March 1, 2019

Hi Mark,

Thank you so much for making this course possible. I believe now I good understanding of the basics. Before the level 1 I had no clue how to start learning and what tools to buy.

Now I am doing some research and I will start to buy the tools needed and a 6498 clone movement soon so I can follow the level 2.

It would be great if could suggest some tools (be more specific with models) to begin with. For example, about tweezers, there are brands like Bergeon and Dumont, and each of these brands have several models. There are so many models that I feel overwhelmed and confused.

I am really happy with what I’ve learned so far and I look forward for having my equipment so I can keep learning more and more with your courses!

Admin Response...
Thank you Andre Silveira for your feedback - we really appreciate your comments.