Very useful basic course - Need better off-line reference

By Basura
On August 22, 2021

This course it is very basic but very useful to enteer the world of watch servicing/repairement, at least for me, as a hobby. The only thing I would mention is that the downloadable files, if their purpose is to have a brief reference to check without having to login and check for a video, they would be much more useful if some more pictures were included. For example, an scheme of the scapement with names for each part, or an scheme of the Keyless works, etc. Since the course is basic, it would be nice to provide some bibliography to expand the knowledge (should the student wishes) of these basic topics. For example, a reliable source to learn about other type of scapements (mentioned in the course). I guess all these can be done without canibalising any part of the next levels. I think having a quality printed reference for the course can be very valuable (call me old school!!). Many thanks!!

Admin Response...

Thanks for the feedback Basura. At the moment it is the course transcripts that are available for download as advertised - however, fully illustrated PDF handbooks are being edited and will be available as free bonus material to students when they are ready.