Enjoying The Program

By Christopher
On February 11, 2021

Thank you Mark. I’ve been enjoying the program thus far. I’ve always wanted to tinker with watches and this program has helped me finally dive into the particulars. I like how the content is both video and written for review. Going through mid-way at this time has given me the confidence to sit down and tear apart a watch (albeit one that was already dead so I couldn’t really make things worse!) At that time, with hands on experience, the content really comes to life. As intimidating as these tiny wonders can be, by taking the time and patience (you exhibit) it can be done. Gaining practice handling microscopic screws and gear/staff orientation is great, and your advice to take pictures is really really key! These things can just fall apart on the bench when the screws come out. Gaining skills handling the tools to do the work is a big part too. Placing a screwdriver on a tiny screw can easily prompt it to jump out of the hole and disappear. I look forward to continuing with the program and have ordered the movement you use (Asian clone) to try my hand at. What is great is how you break down the sections since they are are somewhat similar movement to movement once you jump in. Thanks for what you do.

Admin Response...
Thank you Christopher for your feedback - we really appreciate your comments.