Comprehensive with one flaw

By Daniel
On June 19, 2022

Really liked the professionality and the ability to explain everything with few words. Worth the money! But having a beginner starting off with manipulating incablocs is a bad idea. I took apart and re-assembled 2 watches so far, and this was the trickiest thing… I managed to dislocate 1 incablock and it vanished in the depths of the movement (could retrieve it) and broke off one leg of the other incabloc. Also nearly lost the ruby. Other beginner sources skip handling incablocs, and I scratch my head why it is one of the first manipulations.

Admin Response...

Hi Daniel,

Thank you for the feedback - the cleanliness and lubrication of the balance end-stones is absolutely critical to the effective service of any watch, unhinging and re-securing the shock-springs is one of the tasks which needs to be practiced. There are no short-cuts in this regards and if I did suggest otherwise, e.g. suggesting an inappropriate approach, then I would not be providing the correct information.

I do accept that removing the shock springs is difficult and risky, but no more than removing a complete balance where the balance spring is vulnerable to damage - all of these procedures must be practiced as is suggested in the course as we go along.

To summarize, I am afraid that it would be impossible for me to not describe the removal of the end-stones during a maintenance service as this is an extremely critical requirement and should never be skipped with any watch employing this design.

Thank you again - and please don't be discouraged - keep practicing.