Building Confidence

By Dave
On March 21, 2020

I started viewing watch repair and servicing as new a hobby around a year ago, on the back of a growing watch collection. As with anything new we try, we have to start somewhere and so it began, for me at least, watching videos and reading. Then comes a point when you have to start getting tools and cheap movements. It’s then you realise how small and intricate these timepieces are. Even relatively simple movements still require a mix of grounded knowledge and physical ability to achieve the desired result – a working time keeper.

As a result of finding Mark’s Facebook page, that lead me to checking out his website, I enrolled into his classes and dived into the world of horology (well, started wading).

Currently, with two wristwatches and a pocket watch stripped down, it’s simply time I need to get things moving along and Mark’s lessons to refer to should things get a bit challenging along the way.

At present, I’ve watched the free lesson, covering tools and work space etc. I’ve also completed Level 1, covering the general layout of a simple watch, covering the keyless work, train of wheels, escapement and how they work together for a functioning timepiece. I’ve always worked in a mechanical workplace, so feel I have mechanical empathy and skills already. What Mark’s coarse is providing is the knowledge and confidence needed to progress from the simple strip down and service to fault investigation and repair.I think Mark has done a good job of breaking the sections done into manageable pieces that are simple to understand and flow really well.

I’m now looking forward to moving on to the second section on servicing.

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