Clear, simple, educational and sadly addictive

On March 26, 2023

As a pre quartz student, my involvement in mechanical timepieces was buying them and telling the time.Then retirement and a bit of free time and money came. I came to Mark via Marshall ( Wristwatch Revival) and found his foundation course content to be pitched perfectly. I was immediately hooked and moved straight onto the next level. I guess it took the destruction of 2 SeaGull ST36 and a Seiko NH35 before my hand eye coordination ( separated by a microscope) suddenly got it and I’m now converting dead eBay finds into functional pieces. I’ll only have to live another 572 years at my current rate of watch related income before I break even. Joking aside, I have to say thanks to Mark for the gentle introduction to a fascinating hobby which is entirely suited to the terminally anal retentive who has a life threatening addiction to tools, but equally is thrilled by taking junk and rescuing it from landfill.

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