Teaching at its best!

By Guido Santacana Laffitte, MD
On April 30, 2020

I’m by no means a watchmaker, but since I was a child I have had a passion for watches and for how they work. I now have the time to learn my lifetime passion and am honored to have come by a teacher of such caliber as Mr. Lovick. I have taught medicine for some time, and it doesn’t matter if its medicine, high school, engineering, etc; a true teacher explains a subject (no matter how complicated) with such simplicity that students have no trouble understanding. Mr. Lovick’s course is a prime example of what it is to be a teacher. This course is superb, excellent in every way. I am finally able to pursue my passion and I can’t begin to explain what satisfaction and happiness this gives me. I would recommend this course to anyone interested in watchmaking, you will learn, you will enjoy, but best of all, you will have fun doing so. Thank you again to Mr. Lovick for such a amazing course. I believe that a quote from Albert Einstein applies to this course: “If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough.” Mr. Lovick’s simple explanations are a testament to his understanding and mastery of this art. Thank you again.

Admin Response...
Thank you Guido Santacana Laffitte, MD for your feedback - we really appreciate your comments.