By Jeff
On February 6, 2019

I’m unsure how I feel about the Level 1 course. I’m not sure it represented a very good value. The video quality, like all of Mark’s video’s, was excellent. I think perhaps I should have purchased a basic book and started at the next level. At this time I’m torn whether to try the next level course or try what Timezone has to offer instead. I didn’t really learn anything in the level 1 course that I didn’t already know, or could have easily learned free online or with a relatively inexpensive book. I’m just a hobbyist with no ambitions to be anything more.

Admin Response...
I am sorry you feel that this level did not offer good value. This is a basics course level which provides all the information required in order to get started. I have a comprehensive breakdown of every level detailed on the order page and on the sales page. But most importantly I am posting new free bonus videos for Level 1 students - free meaning No Extra Charge! I feel that's incredibly good value.