Videos great length, suggestion on course review section

By Kwjayhawk
On January 26, 2024

Hello, I have learned a lot from your course and trying to get past the review section in Level 1 before going to Level 2. I am an elementary school teacher and appreciate how simple and well paced your teaching is.

About the only suggestion I might include is from the review portion. I scored a 55% so clearly I have some work to do. But my goal was to try it from memory rather than hunting back in the videos or my notes to look. With my poor score I have some review to do but I wonder, if in the results section there might be a tip on going back to certain videos to better master the question being asked. So example: “This question was introduced in the keyless works section roughly half way into the video”. Just enough to guide the learner but still having to work on their own. I’m still going to do this anyway so it might just be a me problem 🙂

One other thing I might suggest is a syllabus pdf of the videos. When I was going through sections I would find myself ordering what you suggested (or learner variations that might have been cheaper for basic study). Something like “tools required if following along with lessons: ST-36 movement, X-sized tweezers, etc”. I realize tools will be a never ending hunt so I understand if it’s not worth including in a level.

Thanks for the course and anxious to learn about Level 2.

PS: The “your rating” section had no stars or words so I assumed the bottom radio button to select was 5.

Admin Response...
Thank you Kwjayhawk for your feedback - we really appreciate your comments.