Level 1

By Phil
On July 8, 2019

I am working through this course in
Level 1. As an apprentice back in 1976
in Sydney Australia, my mentors where often very busy, 4 tradies from 4 different
European countries hence some language barriers. Then there was my lifeline the 2nd
Year apprentice and myself. Everyone was extremely busy as this was a well known watchmakers shop. The tradies were helpful but busy. For them, working on well
known, big $ movements with complications was for them commonplace daily. Stress levels and tempers often clashed in this small sized workshop. Often not a great learning environment for a young 16 year old who left school early, trying to work with parts some as small as a human hair.
41 years later, I still love clock and watch repair despite not completing my apprenticeship. I am semi-retired, now well educated having completed secondary and Advanced diploma education many years ago. I am looking forward to working through the complete this course with Mark.
His various productions that he has released on YouTube are brilliant and very practical. Mark explains each proceedure
carefully, calmly and with patience.
I have started this course and the early stages are a good refresher on things I have learnt years earlier but also items that weren’t explained back then.
I know that the rest of this course is going to be great and will assist me on the workbench at home doing now what I always wanted to do; repair and service watches and clocks. Yes also maybe making
a couple of clocks as well.

Well done and thanks Mark
you are a champ.

Admin Response...
Thank you Phil for your feedback - we really appreciate your comments.