Enjoyed this course

By Rich Hendrickson
On November 1, 2021

I was furloughed during the pandemic and found myself watching YouTube videos on watch making/servicing. I watched Marks channel as well as other like Nekkid Watchmaker and was fascinated with watches. I learned about this course from another YouTubers video (forgot his name) and I rushed to sign up. Course 1 is easy enough to follow along as you don’t really need any material. I bought an ST3600 Chinese clone of the Unitas 6297 on eBay and was off.

By the time I got to course level 2 I was able to take apart 6297 movement and put it back together as well as oil it. I’ve made my own watch and am making another for a friend. The assessments throughout the course are tough so make sure you pay attention. You can take them over and over until you get a passing grade.

If you want to learn how strip down a watch, clean it, oil it and put it back together then test it, take this course. It sounds funny but it really has changed my life.

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