Great Beginning

By Richard
On June 17, 2021

I got interested in watch repair after watching numerous videos on Youtube. One in particular mentioned and Mark Lovick and how informative the course is and how helpful Mark is.
So, I enrolled and took advantage of the savings and enrolled in all three courses.
I finished the first course and it was very well done. First, you can download the printed version of what Mark is covering on the video. I download it, read it first and use highlighters to mark important parts for future study. Then, I watch Mark’s video which is concise and clear and not rushed. I find having read the notes first and then watching the video helps me retain the information.
At the end of the course, I was able to name all of the watch movements and name 90% of the different parts. I also had a very in depth knowledge of the tools I need to start acquiring.
I then went back to watching the YouTube videos again and found myself able to identify the different movements and parts.
I have started Course II and as I wait for my tools to arrive I can’t wait to get into taking my first movement apart.
If you have any hesitation as to whether this course is worth the money, I confidently can say yes, 100%. Take it slow, read the notes, listen to Mark’s “lecture” and replay any part that is unclear.
I have sent personal questions/comments to Mark on a couple of different occasions and he promptly answers.
I highly recommend this course, based on my initial experiences.

Admin Response...
Thank you Richard for your feedback - we really appreciate your comments.