Level 2 maint. & serv.

By Rick
On November 17, 2019

Well I’m back on here for another review. Level 2 this time. Once again the lessons are informative and the videos are very clear. sometimes it gets a little confusing if Mark isn’t speaking for a bit while he’s concentrating on putting Parts in, but just keep watching and you’ll see that the video hasn’t froze up. I’ve been able to fix a few watches and get them running again.
my practice watches and some of my father’s watches I inherited when he died. I have seen these watches my whole life and a lot of them didn’t work but they were cool to look at. now they’re even cooler when I pull them out of my suit jacket watch pocket on a gold fob. Once again Bravo Mark. I’ve been fixing regular sized clocks for about 6 years now and getting more confident in the small pocket watches and wrist watches. I probably have over 50 antique clocks and probably 20 or 30 pocket and wrist watches. I wish this course had been around when my dad was still alive cuz I know we would have shared some good times taking this course together as he was housebound for the last 15 years of his life. I guess my paternal grandfather and my father dabbled in watch repair before I graced this Earth.

Admin Response...
Thank you Rick for your feedback - we really appreciate your comments.