By Rob
On December 29, 2020

The lessons were good but the assessment was far too difficult and had unnecessary questions. This was complicated by the names of watch parts used in the lessons were sometimes not the same as those used in the assessment. And the multiple choice questions were hard (is the escape wheel part of the train or escapement – in some diagrams it is in the train and others in the escapement) which made second guessing a major test strategy. The cylinder / drum question was not needed as almost no one works on them… Some questions were hideously easy and giving easy / funny answer options makes the test less legitimate. A test should actually test us. I’d like more questions on ‘what is this part?” or “what direction does the power flow through a movement?”, for example… And please remove the very basic spelling and typing errors (e.g. your / you’re; there / Their ; its / it’s etc. – it hugely detracts from the professionality of the site.

Admin Response...
Very much appreciate the feedback and I take all your comments on board. There are instances where there are several names given for particular parts (for example, a 'Setting Lever' can also be referred to as a 'Bolt Piece' by some watch repairers, a 'Yoke' can be referred to as a 'Return Bar'), Whilst I have tried to make this clear within the course - I will take your comment as motivation to attempt to make this even more clear. With regards to grammar errors in the texts - I apologise for this, as mentioned - the texts are actually the transcripts of the spoken words from the lectures, mostly un-edited. But you are right, it doesn't look good and again, this has motivated me to pay for editing services. I will have the texts updated shortly. Once again, thank you very much for the feedback - the points raised will be addressed.