Unitas clone

By William
On October 28, 2022

Mark, I have heard you say that we work with the Unitas ETA 6498 in the course, but in Level 2, Introduction transcript you say it is the Unitas (ETA) 6497 movement. This is the one I have bought and it looks different to the one in the course videos. This is not a problem, as the concepts are all the same, but it does lead to some differences (e.g. the movement I am working with has a different bridge arrangement to the one in the videos).

Just thought this should be noted. The video on making the movement into a watch, for example, refers to the 6498 movement.

I am just completing reassembly and lubrication using level 2 and I am having real trouble with the hairspring of the movement. I don’t think I have been very heavy handed, but it seems really badly bent out of shape, and it wont go back in properly. I am going to watch the hairspring repair videos and try and fix it, but would a real ETA balance complete fit the clone if I bought one from Cousins?



Admin Response...

Thank you for your feedback - the 6498 and 6497 are extremely close in design, only difference is the wheel placements in order to allow for the 6 o'clock or 9 o'clock off-centre seconds hand.

I am skeptical that the genuine balance complete would not operate with a clone, but I have not tried this so not 100% sure.