This is my extended edition of a 1960s Seikomatic 6216A restoration video which I shared on YouTube. The YouTube version is about 30 minutes long, this version is over 1 and a half hours long with full narration of the stripdown and rebuilding process.

I am making this available to Patrons who support the Watch Repair Channel and as a bonus video for those who have completed Level 2 of the watch repair course.

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  1. The piano music background is perfect. Watching Mark work is like listening to a symphony. Perfectly organized disassembly and assembly of a complex movement.

  2. I have now watched this video all the way through twice. I’ll probably be back next year to give it a go again. Informative, relaxing and entertaining. Thanks, Mark.

    1. AF-18538 SWISS KIF TRIOR TOOL KIT. Not really made for Diashock springs, but does a nice job.

  3. I know the Seiko took a lot of work and effort, but once again observing your methods is inspiring. Great to see an half century watch bought back to life. The strap enhances the good looks of the piece. Fantastic sir.

  4. Hello Mark,

    Great work, as usual! I have just one question, it relates to stabilizing the dial silvering and printing. What lacquer did you use? as in the past I have had trouble, if the spirit content was too high. It has acted like paint stripper and I have had to do it again and again trying different applications.

    Can you let me know?



    1. I believe that dial refinishers make blood sacrifices to be able to do what they do

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