I can’t progress past the Assessment!

In order to progress past any asessment, you first need to obtain a passing score of at least 80%

You can view your progress within a  particular level’s index page.

Screenshot of Course Index Page
Screenshot of Course Index Page
  1. Go to “My Courses
  2. Select a course level which you are enrolled on
  3. Any assessments you may have completed will be listed along with your score, the date you took the test and the pass mark requirements.
  4. You will also find there a link to re-take the test.
  5. You will also find a link to show you which answers you got correct and any incorrect answers.
Example of Assessment Results
Example of Assessment Results


    1. Please consider seeking support via the website contact…

      State specifically which assessment you are having issues with and which questions you are getting wrong and I will help you through it.
      You can review your answers and see which ones are wrong on the particular course level’s index page.