I have purchased a course, what do I do now?

Providing the payment has been processed successfully by PayPal, you will have automatic and immediate access to your lessons.

Simply log into your account here at WatchRepairLessons.com and you may notice a link in the navigation bar at the top of this website next to our logo labeled “My Account”. If you are on a Tablet or Mobile, this link may be compressed within an icon with three bars, if you click that icon, the link will be exposed.

This video explains in detail:

Click the My Account link and you will be presented with a list of your enrolled courses.


  1. Hey Mark,
    I watched your videos in the past, I see that you redid your site. I just enrolled to the course and I wanted to watch the “What To Do Next” video and I did not get audio?
    I’ve changed batteries, size bracelets replaced quartz modules, a little case polishing.
    My dad left me some vintage watches; A Accutron! (I’ve sent to a place in Utah, and I did not get a second opinion, I’m sure I’m paying too much) In addition, my dad left me a Waltham, and a Concord. I would like to work on these. I am anxious to take the courses.
    I had some watch tools inexpensive. However, I recently moved, and most of the tools were lost/misplaced(?)
    I work full time so I will watch at my own pace.


    Marcus Lieberman