Great way to

By Frederick DeVries
On October 1, 2019

I’ve always loved watches, ever since my first wind up Timex as a young child. But, I kind of lost interest in mechanical movements when quartz watches came out because they’re much more affordable and far more accurate than any mechanical watch that I could possibly afford!

Recently I came across one of Mark’s U-tube videos and was fascinated by it, so I atarted checking out every one of them that I could find. I became totally hooked on horology and watch repair as a hobby! When I ran across a link to Mark’s watch repair lessons in one of his U-tube videos, I decided that the courses would be a fine way to up my game in a structured manner and quickly enrolled in Level 1 (with every intention in enrolling in all of them!)

The Level 1 course is a great way for anyone to satisfy their curiosity about how these mechanical marvels we wear on our wrists actually work. It will not make a watch repair person out of one, nor is it intended to. But jt does provide good basic advice on the tools and setup to acquire before getting into physically doing more than replacing a battery or sizing a bracelet, and was very helpful to me in purchasing my own setup!

I’m now working my way through Level 2, and look forward to going all the way through Level4!

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