Level 1 review

By Dale
On October 16, 2019

I have completed Level 1 of the Watch Repair Course, and am now in the process of taking the Level 2 course. Mark does a great job presenting the basics in a logical and systematic way. The video along with the commentary and with the written transcript has helped me understand how the parts of a mechanical watch movement operate…and there are a LOT of parts! The introduction to the tools and lubricants/consumables of the trade were also particularly helpful. I am now in the process of obtaining those initial tools and consumables so that I can complete Level 2, which is working on an actual watch movement. Because of what I learned in Level 1, I am confident that when I am done with disassembling, cleaning, and lubricating the watch movement in Level 2 that I will have a working watch and not a handful of broken parts.

Admin Response...
Thank you Dale for your feedback - we really appreciate your comments.